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Weather Forecast Crystal


Weather Forecast Crystal 

Material: Glass, water

Color: transparent,white


Type1: 4.7 inches X 2.4 inches NO BASE

Type2: 4.7 inches X 2.4 inches WITH BASE

Type3: 7.1 inches X 3.1 inches WITH BASE

Features: predict the weather from the shape of the ice crystal

Weather display:


  • Clear, that the weather will be fine;
  • Hazy, sometimes accompanied by precipitation, then the weather will be cloudy;
  • Precipitation suspended, it indicates that the wet weather or frost;
  • The suspension of precipitation and hazy liquid coexist, which indicates that the storm will come;
  • In a sunny winter day, there is a suspension of liquid, which means that it will snow;
  • In a warm day or in the winter, there is a large precipitation in the liquid, which indicates that it will be cloudy;
  • In the bottom of the cup, there is a crystal, which indicates that it will frost
  • A spiral pattern on top of that, the wind will blow.

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