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  • Kiva Rhyme E-Mirror

    A Touch of Light

  • Kiva Rhyme

    A steam generator will add to the tranquility and anticipated pleasure of your daily life.

  • Online Bathtub Store, Freestanding Bathtub, Free Shipping

    Kiva Rhyme

    The finest relaxation.

  • Kiva Rhyme

    There is no place you’d rather be.


    A Better Life for You

  • Perfect piece of art that can sparkle up your bathroom.

    It took me years to find “The One” and now I want to bring you “The One” too.

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    “I love the choices Kiva gives. I got the banana slim two months ago and I love how it looks in my bathroom. It was easy to assemble, perfect for a MODERN family!”


    “The bathtub looks perfect in my bathroom, I place it in the middle of the room and it looks amazing. I love taking baths now and my friends won’t stop complimenting it!”

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