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Thank you for choosing one or more of our products for your bathroom. This guide will be helpful to you with the installation of our acrylic bathtubs, any pre-installation can be carried out.


Installation of the mirror

INSTALLATION has to be made by a qualified/registered electrician.

●All fittings must be installed in accordance with current IEE wiring regulations. If in doubt, consult a qualified
●Switch off the electrical supply at the main circuit board BEFORE installation and maintenance.
●Inspect the product immediately upon receipt for transit damage or missing parts.
●If drilling holes in ceramic tiles use a piece of masking tape on the tile to stop the drill bit from slipping.
●The nominal thickness of the miror glass used in this product is 5mm. If the glass becomes chipped or broken replace immediately;
●This product should be positioned well away from curtains and other fabrics. Never cover the mirror when this product is heated, we recommend that it is turned off after use and should never be left on for prolonged periods of time
●This product could be dangerous if installed incorrectly.




The Installation manual can also be Downloaded in PDF. file


KIVA-RHYME-led mirror.pdf